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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Top Choice Concrete Designs‘s FAQ page, where we have gathered essential information to address your queries about our concrete service. Check out the concise answers to common questions related to our expertise, pricing, and more. Check out what answers we gave to clients from Bronx, NY and the surroundings, and if you have more questions, do not hesitate to reach us right away! We will happily assist you!

Q: What services do you provide as a local concrete contractor?

A: We offer a range of concrete services, including residential and commercial work, concrete repairs, and specialized services like concrete ceiling repair.

Q: Is your company insured?

A: Yes. We are fully insured, providing you peace of mind as we deliver top-notch concrete solutions.

Q: When was your company founded?

A: Our company, committed to excellence, was founded in 2004, bringing years of valuable experience to every project. Today, we are listed among the most renowned local concrete repair companies, and our solutions are preferred by many.

Q: Do you cater to both residential and commercial clients?

A: Absolutely! We take pride in offering our expertise to residential and commercial customers, tailoring our services to meet diverse needs. Be it a one-time residential concrete service or ongoing business maintenance solutions that you need, we have you covered!

Q: Can I request a free estimate for my project?

A: Certainly! We provide free estimates to help you plan your concrete project with transparency and assurance.

Q: What sets your concrete repair services apart from other companies?

A: Our experienced team specializes in concrete repairs, ensuring durable solutions and maintaining the integrity of your structures.

Q: Do you have a specific focus on residential concrete services?

A: Yes, we are dedicated to providing high-quality residential concrete services, catering to the unique requirements of homeowners.

Q: Are your prices reasonable?

A: Our pricing is competitive. We offer value for your investment while maintaining the highest standards in concrete work.

Q: Do you have a concrete ceiling repair service?

A: Yes, our expertise extends to concrete ceiling repair, addressing issues promptly, and ensuring the stability of your structures.

Q: How do I contact your team to discuss my concrete project?

A: Feel free to reach out to us via email or dialing (646) 353-5704. We are eager to discuss your concrete needs and provide personalized solutions.

As your trusted concrete professionals, we are here to address any additional questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and let’s build something exceptional together! Being your concrete contractor brings us immense pride, and we will go over and above what is expected to achieve your total satisfaction. Dial our number to speak with the team at Top Choice Concrete Designs in Bronx, NY.